A Typical Talon Crew Work Day

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TYPICAL WORK DAY: Make your way to the Elk Lot (East Day Skier Lot see map) in Avon and park. Parking will be really tight, so please try to car pool or take public transportation if available. The gate code for the Elk Lot is ???? (sent to you privately). Grab your gear, and walk over to the bus stop.

Make certain you load the green Beaver Creek bus to Beaver Creek Village. The buses run about every 10 minutes. If you are arriving by public transportation this will most likely be your transfer point. Note that there are other bus systems that use this stop, so make sure you get on the bus that says Beaver Creek Village.

This bus will drop you off at the Covered Bridge (see map) in Beaver Creek Village. Follow the crowd and take the escalators on your right and load Chair 6 (Centennial Express combination lift). Please do not load before your assigned load time. Also make note of the large tent located next to this lift. This is the Beer Tent and you’ll need to stop by here at the end of the day to check out.

15800850627_109833baaf_zAt the top go into Spruce Saddle, the mid-mountain lodge. Do not leave your skis on the snow in front of the lodge as this will interfere with the grooming, use the racks near the tree island. Go inside and to the upper level where you will have your credential scanned and check in. Find your table with your Section Name (Section Assignments will be coming before the race week).

You will now experience your first “hurry up and wait” of the day. Use this time to hydrate, put on your sunscreen, use the restroom, and meet your co-workers. You can also go downstairs to the cafeteria and help yourself to a coffee or hot chocolate and oatmeal. Please respect that we are offered self-serve beverages only, nothing out of the coolers or any packaged food or beverage. Nothing with a bar code on it. Doughnuts and fruit will be available upstairs.

During this time, your Section Chief will be downstairs attending a briefing with the Race Crew to determine the work orders for the day. On a good day these meeting move quickly and we are have our general meeting soon thereafter. The general meeting will communicate to you what crews need to accomplish for the day, safety items, and confirmation of the schedule for both on-mountain and off-mountain events.

As soon as possible we need all crews out the door and up to the top of the hill.

15364330964_7e8306931a_zOnce you arrive at your section your Section Chief will show you where a safe cache is for your skis and pack. This is also when you want to put on your MicoSpikes or crampons. “Skis off; Spikes on!” Our goal is to minimize the amount of traffic on the course. Excessive laps on the course just create more work for everyone. Gas grills will be located in your cache and hot soup (bring your thermos) can be picked up at the Food Tent located at the top of Chair 9, Birds of Prey Express. Portable bathrooms are located on the course for nature calls. The use of the woods for nature calls is also acceptable but please be discrete. Come prepared to spend most of your day out on the course. If the weather turns cold or windy, your Section Chief will make accommodations accordingly. Do not leave without advising your Section Chief. (Race and training days it is nearly impossible to leave your section.)

After the day’s training run or race, the work ramps back up in preparation for the next day. Also check with your Section Chief on the best way to egress the mountain. This is extremely important because there may be winch cats working below you.

15800849987_2c0d1ab71a_zAt the end of each day, you must check out at the bottom of Chair 6 Centennial Express. This is conveniently located at the Beer Tent. While you are there, please join us for a complimentary beer or two from our local microbreweries. After our daily celebration, make your way to the Transportation Center by the Covered Bridge. Make sure you get on the green Beaver Creek bus marked Parking Lots to get you back to your car.

Wow, this sounds like a lot to remember, but it’s not. A simple solution is to just follow the herd in front of you and ask questions if you are unsure.

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