The Birdhouse  is our home after our shift on course.  The Birdhouse is located behind the Powder 8 Kitchen and Tap in the (?????) room.  Enter through the door to the right of the Powder 8 patio or it is up the stairs from VHQ.  This is also the location you need to stop by and check out.  After you check out, please stick around and enjoy the camaraderie of our crew, share your experiences of the day, and enjoy some refreshments.  The Birdhouse is free and is open at all volunteers and Beaver Creek Race Dept.  A few guests are welcome and you do not need to have worked that day, but we hope you did.

Tablets will be set up for self check-out starting at 2:00 pm daily.  It’s important that you check out each day so that we know you made it off the hill safely and so that you get credit for the day.  If you don’t check out, you won’t receive credit for the day.

Kegs will be tapped from around 3:00pm to 7:00pm daily.  On the days where there is a social event (Tue for the Talon Crew Party and Sun for the Volunteer Party), the Birdhouse will close early.  Your arrival time at the Birdhouse will be highly weather and course condition dependent, but please be assured we will keep the doors open as long as possible to accommodate late egress.

This is also home to the Talon Crew Shop.  This is where you can purchase official Talon Crew merchandise to commemorate your trip or for “I have to take something home” shopping.  In addition to snagging some way cool stuff, you will also be supporting the efforts of Talon Crew.  All items on the website will be available at this time if you prefer to try it on first.   Thank you for your support.