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So that’s how you do a first race!


Flawless” says Jimmy Roberts Chief of Race


Race is done, but are you done?

After a race is done the volunteers are not. Please check with your section chief and cycle back to the Tuff Shed and see if there are projects to be done. THANK YOU!

Exit Strategy

The front of the mountain is starting to open… in pieces. Double-check at Tuff Shed if you can ski down. If you do, stick to a lane as you probably will have coaches and racers screaming around you.



Notice someone working especially hard? Doing something particularly clever? Make a critical move that saves the race? Nominate them for the HERO award. Talk to Brad if you find someone who deserves a gate panel. Congrats to Don D.!


Don’t take candy from strangers

As Spruce Saddle gears-up to open to the public, remember that only hot coco, coffee, and the oatmeal in the boxes are for us. Everything else comes with a bar code and price.


Pre-Cooked Meats HAVE ARRIVED-Take 2

The BBQ’s, propane, and coolers should have made it to all sections by now. If not, tell Kerry. The little coolers should stay in the sections. In the morning the crew chief will grab supplies for the crew and restock the coolers.

Feel free to bring your own special sauce or something to thrown on the grill for the group.  Just so everyone knows how high the bar is… last year I got a warm cookie off a grill.


Trivia How many times has the Olympics been help in the USA?


Today’s Events/ Race Program
0630                            Talon Crew Load Chair 6

0830                                    Course Opens for Inspection

1025                                    Entry Closed

1033                                    POV camera (if run)

1037                                    Forerunners
1045                                    Ladies’ Downhill Training

1-10 2 minute interval, 1.30 after

TV Breaks after 15th, 30th, & 45th

Did you see the tile?

Before you leave Spruce Saddle not a bad idea to check out the restrooms- admire the décor, etc. This piece of advice comes from a long time crew chief who noted “the women’s course is pretty sparse.”


CONGRATS! So much less snow on “New Course, New Areas for Snow to Pile”


When moving down course look below you. You may see a crew or section chief pointing frantically. These frantic movements indicate how you should ski to avoid moving snow or where to move a pile to a better place. It is called teamwork forks.


Please still be aware of where you are pushing snow above the Pumphouse. Try to stick with the fall line from Nets 15 and 14 and pull or push the snow all the way to the top of 14b. We can get a snow blower and get it out of there.  The snow is thin here so travel carefully.


Try not to make the tight turn at the bottom of net 15 as this pushes a ridge onto the track.


Another problem area to SMEAR instead of pile is the left turn around net 12.


But it isn’t next week yet!

Use the Men’s course to travel on hill whenever possible!


Might be closed, but if they aren’t…

Try to use the restrooms at Red Tail these instead of port-a-pots if possible since the port-a-pots have to make it two weeks.



Dye Lines – Once they are on the course, try to stay away from them.  Try to afford pushing snow on to them and certainly don’t ski over them


SAFETY SECTION – Can’t get hurt from below

-Know stop-start procedures.  Do not move out onto active course until it is clear.

-Do not help injured athletes – the race patrol will be dispatched to do this

-Stash equipment behind fences on race days

-Head on a swivel


Quiz Answer

2 places, 3 times – Lake Placid x 2       Salt Lake x 1

Dedication   *  Friendship  *   Adaptability –    We are the Talon Crew.

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  • What about the 1960 Olympics in Squaw Valley? Wasn’t California in the USA then?

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