Volunteers are requested to provide their own lodging or accommodation. Typically returning veterans group together and share a condo or lodge room or have friends in the valley.  Understand that even though Beaver Creek is open to the public, this time of year is very slow in the rental and lodge business and pricing is very competitive. There are lots of places available and plenty of good deals to be had too.  Using VRBO, Expedia, or AirBnB are good resources.  We also usually have some of the local lodges step forward and offer us special early season pricing.  These will be published in the newsletters.

To help with people needing to find a place to stay we have Kathy Walter as our Housing Coordinator.  Please contact her via email if you are looking for a place and she may be able to help connect you with a group who has a spare bedroom or make recommendations for the lodges.  If you are a group renting a condo and have a spare room, please reach out to Kathy so she can try to help you fill that space.  If you are a local that can help out by taking someone in, again please reach out to Kathy and let her know what you have.  Kathy Walter:  housing@taloncrew.com