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During registration, you are automatically subscribed to text message and email updates to receive vital and timely information. Remember, weather and slope conditions can drive last-minute schedule changes.


We are on Twitter at TalonCrewBOP  for official announcements.


Follow us on Facebook here and share photos, keep up to date with the social schedule and stay in touch with your fellow crew members.


We will have multiple photographers on the hill to capture shots of you, our hard working volunteers, in action.  Our goal is to make high quality portraits and group photos available to you, for free, so that you can easily access and download them and either print or share them on your social media.  You can check out the daily photographs at Flickr.

*DAILY UPDATE TEXT:  You will receive a daily update text to the cell phone number you provided during registration.  Typically, this will just confirm your load time for the next day.  If the weather changes our schedule, our primary method of communicating this will be via text.  We will text you after the Teams Captain meeting, once the new schedule has been confirmed.  That means you should receive the text in time to adjust your alarm clock, typically by 6-7:00pm.

We do understand that not everyone will receive the text;  “We’re pitching, but you’re not catching”.  This will be especially true for volunteers with phone numbers from outside the USA, you will not receive the text.   This is typically due to your calling plan, phone settings, or your cell provider not accepting bulk texts.  If you have a US phone number and you are not receiving the Daily Update Text, you can try to Opt IN to our system.  To do this, type 313131 in the TO: field of your messaging app, where you would normally select a contact.  Then type the word taloncrew in the message field and push SEND.  You should quickly receive an automated response.  If you do you have successfully OPTED IN.

If you do not receive the text, the daily update will also be posted on  The pop-up window under the group banner picture will contain the same information.  You can also get the update by following us on Twitter. @TalonCrewBOP.

We will also send out the update via email to the address you provided at registration.  If all else fails, select a Buddy who is receiving the information and ask them to keep you informed.

Please do not reply to these texts or emails, as no one is home to answer. If you have “issues”, contact your Crew or Section Chief.


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