Tim 7

Tim Robinson, left, and Dave Hammer manhandle a heating unit at the food tent.

The next time you step out of the elements into the comfy interior of the food tent give a warm thought to Tim Robinson. After spending 3 days with ski patrol several years ago as an observer on the Birds of Prey looking for ideas to improve skier protection at his home mountain, Holimont, NY, Tim got drafted to return as a Talon Crew course worker. Tim can often be found at Holimont, the largest private ski resort in the US with a uniquely mandated 50/50 Canadian & US membership, as Chief of Race or Chief of Course. In his early days on Talon crew he worked out on the course doing the same thing most of us do, watering, hanging net and of course shoveling and more shoveling. Then someone discovered Tim’s skills and the fact he had his own heating and plumbing business back in his hometown of Kane, PA. He was put to work on the challenge of keeping crew and teams warm high on the mountain.

Now in his ninth Talon Crew event Tim configures and hooks up the heating units and trouble shoots problems along those lines at the food and team tents. It’s not just about hooking up the heating units.  At around 11,000 ft. and extreme temperatures it takes special knowledge and a formula to calculate square footage of the propane tanks to guarantee that there are enough on line for the propane to boil off and make a gas to keep the heaters putting out the BTUs properly. Hey Tim, did I get that somewhere near right? If he’s not needed to make heat Tim takes on any task.

So to Tim here’s cheers for warm volunteers enjoying cold beers!

So to Tim here’s cheers for warm volunteers enjoying cold beverages!

Tim and wife Jeanne, who works on food, crew pay their own way and find their own accommodations for the race often making a more leisurely trip back to the area later in the season.

The day I talked to him he was planning to head down to the tent and get that heater online. So to Tim, here’s cheers for warm volunteers enjoying cold beverages!